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Being Me

Another book I created in Storybird.  I wrote it for a dear friend.  And for you. http://storybird.com/books/being-me-7/

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When I was a teenager at a Catholic school we received a stern pep talk about masturbation.  The meta-message was “We are all doomed.”  I decided to have a look around to see if the position has changed – it … Continue reading

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Fix Autism? (via Aspergers : A Mom’s Eye View)

It is so nice to be able to bring this blog to your attention If we could fix Autism, would we?  I recently attended a conference where a geneticist presented some very exciting advances in current autism research – leading … Continue reading

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The visit of the Pope to the UK has created a lot of press comment.  For me, it brought to the surface some of my deep antagonism to the Catholic Church (as oppposed to catholics in general).   In the attached … Continue reading

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The importance of having an ‘ology

When you read this story, you will have to decide for yourself what is truth and what is fiction. All I can promise you is that I haven’t made any of it up at all; it is all gleaned from … Continue reading

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