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An Arrogance of Psychologists

On one of the major social network sites there is a thread running at the moment – it has been running for 4 months in fact – based on a simple question “What is the best way to treat phobia?” … Continue reading

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The visit of the Pope to the UK has created a lot of press comment.  For me, it brought to the surface some of my deep antagonism to the Catholic Church (as oppposed to catholics in general).   In the attached … Continue reading

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The Individual vs The State

The internet has become central to our lives.  Those of us who live in Europe are subject to a variety of controls and permissions that govern our online information, but one of the factors that I encounter often in my … Continue reading

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The importance of having an ‘ology

When you read this story, you will have to decide for yourself what is truth and what is fiction. All I can promise you is that I haven’t made any of it up at all; it is all gleaned from … Continue reading

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Psychic Powers

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If it walks like a duck…

The Guardian yesterday carried an article extolling the ‘proven’ efficacy of homeopathy.  It attracted over 700 comments from readers, including a small but noticeable number who rose to the defence.  Homeopathy does not work and has no proven efficacy. Gillian … Continue reading

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