I live in England. 

I am interested in the ways in which people work – both on an individual and a group basis.   I’m particularly interested in skepticism, therapy, evidence, mental illness, attachment and the ways in which people find a route through the world.  I’m not omniscient – I know some stuff, there’s stuff I wish I knew better and there’s stuff I’m happy to defer to other people’s knowledge on.

Like most people I’d be delighted if you left me comments, because it makes me feel more part of things.


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  1. Hi!

    Thank you very much for your considerate and thoughtful comment (and sorry it took ages for me to reply). Although we don’t share the same perspective on “voluntary death”, I feel I must correct you in thinking that I see it as based in something wholly negative. In fact, I see it as an act of liberation and self-determination in the highest degree (which is not to say that all acts of taking one’s own life are acts of Freitod in this sense). My views and feelings on this topic are almost perfectly reflected in Améry’s “On Suicide: A Disclosure on Voluntary Death”. (I also recommend his “At the Mind’s Limits: Contemplations by a Survivor on Auschwitz and Its Realities”.)



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