‘Millions wasted’ on flu drug

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The drugs don’t work…

Kevin Friery‘s insight:

The battle lines are being heavily penned in now, between the pharmaceutical companies and their supporters on one side and the evidence-based researchers on the other.  The history of cherry-picking outcome data to support a sales campaign has been challenged by the alltrials campaign and the public is likely to be the winner.  To suggest that the Cochrane review is tainted because it favours those who want an evidence-base is mischievous – as is to say we have to stockpile Tamiflu because there is no other antiviral available.  If Tamiflu is no better than parcetamol, stockpile paracetmol because it is cheaper (massively) and has fewer side effects.   Battles like this are dangerous because they provide a feeding ground for the anti-medicine brigade, the alt.med quacks who want to sell their nostrums of fairy dust and unicorn breath.   

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