Do you really need to drink eight cups of water a day?

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Drinking eight cups or two litres of water a day is longstanding advice. But is there any scientific basis for it?

Kevin Friery‘s insight:

On my desk today is a ‘wellbeing’ flyer advising me that ‘If you feel thirsty you will already be on your way to becoming dehydrated’.  Surprisingly enough, I have already worked out that if I am thirsty it is probably time to have a drink soon. It goes on to tell me to always have water with me at all times, and to create a water-drinking schedule.  It comes from a reputable company.  It is complete bollocks.  I am fed up with the ‘Water Police’, who use a basic misunderstanding of nutrition, physiology and metabolism to tell us to drink  water all the time.  Physical health and mental health are intertwined, but in the temperate Western hemisphere drinking more water does not provide enhancement at all. 

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