If it walks like a duck…

  1. The Guardian yesterday carried an article extolling the ‘proven’ efficacy of homeopathy.  It attracted over 700 comments from readers, including a small but noticeable number who rose to the defence.  Homeopathy does not work and has no proven efficacy.
  2. Gillian McKeith, a woman who acquired something called a PhD from somewhere that doesn’t exist but used to call itself a college, made a tit of herself by taking umbrage at a tweet and then trying to deny that she had authored the responses.  She claimed that anyone who said her degree was of no merit was, by definition, anti-American
  3. In Pakistan, investigative journalists proved that a number of MPs were claiming to have degrees that either didn’t exist or were, as with McKeith’s, bought.  ABC in Australia reported that “The chief minister of Balochistan Province, Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani, told the press: “A degree is a degree, whether it is fake or genuine.”
  4. In Los Angeles, there is an epidemic of Whooping Cough.  It is killing children.  Vaccination is very effective at preventing this disease, except there is an anti-vax lobby persuading parents that it is dangerous to have their children vaccinated.

There is a thread running through this – the fakers, the frauds, the quacks, the axe-grinders, the conspiracists, the downright ignorant are finding a voice and a platform.

We need to make a stand and tell them straight; if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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